A Horoscope

(personalised just for you. you like signs. you like being kept suspicious and afraid.)

you should be careful of your desires. watch them closely for signs of unnatural growth. this week the moon will rise closer to the horizon. you should take up the practice of standing very still. if you’re grinding your teeth in your sleep it means that you’re thinking about someone thinking about you. this week will be a good week for saying no to the things you want because you want them too much. in terms of your career and ambitions, you should try standing very still. as for personal relationships, try standing very still. the largeness of this week’s moon means big changes but try standing very still while all this is happening. does it surprise you to know that rash decisions and uncertainty are not in fact incompatible with staying right where you are? your challenge this week is learning the true meaning of the word “sublimate”.

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